Products offered by IT’s GREEN are:

AXO – shredders.
This highly efficient shredder incorporates “supersmooth” soft start technology, independent driven shafts, unique blade technology, solid one piece blade and shafts, various models both stationary as well as mobile truck mounted.

UNISHRED – Shredders
This LARGE industrial shredder is developed and manufactured in Australia and incorporates various patented technologies such as self sharpening blade technology and blade design. Unlike other shredders guarantees are given on blade performance.

Poly-pipe Shredders
Large diameter poly pipes ( 500 mm + dia ) can be processed by this slow speed high torque shredder. It has replaceable and re-usable blades from up to 100mm in cutter width. The machine is self feeding and comes with a 3 or 6mm feed bed.

Glass Shredders / crushers
Various makes and models ( all Australian Made ) are offered to process glass. Smaller machines such as The Bottle Cycler are used in cafe’s and restaurants to eliminate noise, OH+S issues space and others. Whilst the more industrial machines handle 40 gallon drums or 240 l bins in seconds.

Flex – High Density – Dual purpose balers
This Australian made High Density – Dual purpose baler handles Paper, Plastics, Metals and creates HIGH density bales. These machines are used to reduce transport costs and to eliminate the need for various machines to handle different products.

100plus series
Trethewey Medium Density AUTO-baler
The Auto-baler designed and manufactured by Trethewey in Northern NSW requires minimal labour to load the machine. It has an auto cycle which means that apart from tying the bale no other input is required.

gpm 2
GPM Auto-tie automatic balers
The GPM balers are fully AUTO – TIE balers ranging from 1T / hr to 25 T/ hr output. This baler offers compaction rates from 450 – 600 kg/m3 and compacts paper, cradboard and plastics. This machine has a precision engineered compaction chamber with heavy roller guided compaction plate. The machines have CE approved safety standards.

NEW – NEW – Soon to be released
IT’s GREEN has developed a waste processor to reduce the volume of Plastic waste such as Milk Bottle and PET drink Bottle in Cafe’s, Restaurants and Events.
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